History of the construction in pictures



Electronics  (that will add some energy that makes the pendulum keep on swinging) is tried out  


The electronics is tried out

Interior picture from the firm that wound the coil with copper wire.


Self-made bobin, wound by hand with 0,6 km copper wire

The coil is now in a soft iron core   



Fastening device


The fastening device (black part) is made on the school´s weld department

In this round, black disc is the suspension to be mounted



The suspension of the pendulum


The suspension is made in the industry program

The important Charron ring


The complete suspension

In the centre of the coil there is a case with 6 IR-diodes and a receiving set in the middle.



The wooden disc under the pendulum


The wooden disc under the pendulum is made by the  wood program at Dackeskolan in Mjölby

The wooden disc with the coil mounted in the centre. The wooden disc with the coil in the centre.



The bob


The steel bob before the gilding

The steel bob was mirror-polished and got a thin (3µm) layer of  gold



Construction of the electronics including the coil


Testing with different masses, lengths of suspension and  electronic settings can be started. A second prototype, this time with a heavier bob and the completed pendulum.

The pendulum is about 6 metres high.



Mounting of definitive electronics.


Here are adjustments of settings in progress

Finally, the box with the electronics can be pushed under the wooden disc.



Preparations for the inauguration


The pendulum is camouflaged before the inauguration, when the  cover is going to fall...

The completed Foucault pendulum



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